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Business Refinancing

There would be a stage where it is likely that your business will go through a refinancing exercise.

As a business owner, you will agree that raising the required working capital to begin and sustain your business growth is an important step to ensure your business succeeds, both in the medium and short term.

Guidance with Business Refinancing Options

When business yields profits, and is progressing as planned, finance is relatively easy to secure. However, when a company’s finances are under pressure, and the directors have critical decisions to make like raising additional finance against the company’s current assets, the choice of financers to provide a company with additional services could become limited as we naturally tend to gravitate towards the high street providers that we all recognise. As the current market for business changes on a regular basis, we cannot provide you with an exhaustive list of the financial products that could be available to you, but what we can provide to business owners is a guide to the options that are potentially available for your business. We work closely with different providers of finance to businesses that are suffering financial issues.

We will help you consider the products that are available for you, help you analyze them against the circumstances you find yourself in and then let you decide which way you want to move forward. Some of the services and facilities that we have access to are discussed in detail below.

Some of the products that we have access to include;

Asset Refinancing
Stock Financing
Peer to Peer Financing

If you feel that your business needs additional finance and you have been rejected by all the high street providers, get in touch with TBRN today and we will provide you with the guidance and advice needed to finance your business.

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