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Strategic Solutions for the Directors

Strategic Solutions for the Directors

At the initial stage, we aim to provide you with immediate strategic advice so you can retain control of your business.

We assist directors to find a business rescue solution to their company’s debt problems in a cost effective manner. We assist companies facing a variety of financial challenges across all industry and professional sectors.

As a director, pressure is mounted from creditors, whether it is HMRC or a supplier threatening legal action, you need a professional who can help you identify the cause of your financial difficulties and recommend a suitable strategy that will save the company. We, at Business Rescue Network (TBRN), are a team of highly qualified and experienced finance professionals who understand the dynamics and pressure of running a business to the core. Our expertise lies in providing quick solutions for your business financial problems in the first stage of discussion with you.

It is the prompt response and in-depth knowledge of business rescue and turnaround that sets us apart from our competitors.

Business Rescue Service

To understand your current state of financial difficulties, we first need to understand your nature of business and the issues that are causing such financial problems. A conversation over the phone with one of our professionals is the first step in bringing a halt to the current financial pressures that you feel and the beginning of turning your business around. Further procedures are explained later in this article.

No-cost Initial Advice

Our initial advice, including the first meeting with you is completely free of cost and involves no obligation. In certain more complex cases, we may need to spend further time and resources to ensure that we can give you the best solution possible for which we do not charge you fees. We will only look to charge fees where we have agreed a viable workable solution for your business.

At Business Rescue Network, we possess in-depth experience and expertise in dealing with HMRC to restructure any outstanding VAT and PAYE/NI arrears. HMRC is usually one of the main creditors pressing for payment. Over the years, we have developed a good business relationship with HMRC and are best placed to negotiate a workable repayment plan with them, if circumstances permit.

We have gained expertise in the field of restructuring and refinancing most companies. We understand that most companies at some time will experience some financial problems, which may be for a short period, but it does require some additional help. It is best to not ignore any early warning signs which could lead to greater problems. The sooner you contact us, the more options would be available for you.

Understanding Your Business

It is essential for us to know the nature of your business to start with. It is important that we completely understand what you do and why you are currently under pressure financially. We focus on the critical issues that the company is facing and provide clear, concise and logical solutions. Our solutions are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the company’s directors, whilst at the same time effecting the best possible outcome for your creditors. This is specifically important, if you are looking to continue to trade with similar suppliers.

Most directors seeking help in dealing with their company’s financial problems, have usually reached a stage where the pressure from suppliers and HMRC is almost unbearable, and have usually exhausted all feasible options of finance. In such situations, may be an insolvency process can help your business emerge in a much stronger position. Business Rescue Network is available to offer you free advice immediately. If what you have read on this page applies to your current business situation, you should get in touch with us. The longer you delay¬†resolving the company’s financial problems, the greater those problems become and more importantly, the number of options reduces.

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